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The Reggio Day


As our students move through their class with intention., they are presented with a provocation that will spark an idea, thought process, or feeling.


The provocations are presented to each child individually, and as each student encounters it their classmates expand on the provocation through art, light, physical movement and manipulations, discussion, and cooperation.


Our students have endless opportunities to break off and engage in other activities involving cooking, art, gardening, field studies, house-keeping, and building community within the class.


The individual is tended to quite a bit, but the community is rendered sacred. 


Academic activities are presented in a manner which is tangible. Children learn with hands more often than ears. The student is introduced to a learning style as opposed to a teaching style. 


Our goal is to create communities of little people who move through the school and life together, learn to understand and respect each other and most importantly, learn from each other. The elimination of ego and pride is eventually accomplished, resulting in an individual who is highly valued in society; receptive, selfless, kind, peaceful and introspective, intentional and focused. 


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